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Search Engine Advertising

Do you want to be found on the Internet and win potential new customers for your business? With professional Search Engine Advertising (SEA) exactly that becomes possible!

SEA encompasses all possibilities of using search engines or search engine results as an advertising platform. For example, you can use ads on Google’s results pages (Google Ads) to promote products and services and get potential customers to take a look at your own homepage. Because online sales are only really worthwhile if a website or online shop has enough visitors (website traffic).
It is possible to address specific audience groups and users in a very targeted manner.

Search advertising options include paid text or image ads that appear above or below search results. Other variants are video ads, display ads, banner ads or shopping ads.

The experienced team at Webpagehome will develop the perfect SEA strategy for you, optimally tailored to your company and your industry.
We create your ad texts and use the most important keywords relating to your products and services. We always keep an eye on your budget and determine the best price-performance ratio for your ads.

The first results can be seen while the display is running.
If you wish, we can show you exactly what effects an ad has on your sales and which ads and keywords have brought how many visitors to your website.

Leave search engine advertising to the pros! This allows you to fully exploit the SEA potential, save time and concentrate on the essentials.

SEA price packages

USD plus statutory taxes


from 1 $
Fixed price monthly

Campaign and Ad Management


from 1 %
Ad budget participation

For Larger Advertising Campaigns

Get your quote now:
Get your quote now:

Your products online at a glance!

Search Engine Optimization

Save advertising budget with better search performance through better content quality

Chat Integration

Increase customer satisfaction
and the chance of better review results

Intranet Use

Get an overview of your processes
and workflows with an intranet system

Social Campaigns

Draw attention to your products
and services on social networks

Online Store

Your products in an individual online shop,
future-proof and up-to-date

Website Quality

Did you know that the quality of your website
affects your ad price?

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